Stockport Parish Church     St Mary's in the Marketplace -  Churchgate, Stockport, SK1 1YG.
The Parochial Church Council of St Mary's Stockport 2017 [following Meeting of Parishioners and APCM  held on the 11th April 2017]

Adam Pinder & Sue Heap

To be appointed at first PCC Meeting  [Catriona Smith]

Co-opted Members: 
To be confirmed at the first PCC Meeting
Margaret Forster - Electoral Roll Officer
Carol Taylor - Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Roll presently being undertaken jointly by Churchwardens 

Elected Members (for a period  of three years from 2015)
David Andrews
Isobel Clarkson
Ann West

Elected Members (for a period of three years from 2016)
Patricia Birch
Tony March

Elected Member  (for a period of three years from 2017)
Catriona Smith

Churchwarden Emeritus
Frank Hamnett

Deanery Synod Representatives:
Adam Pinder / Rita Waters

Meetings of the Parochial Church Council are presently held as required at St Mary's.

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