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St Mary's in the Marketplace.

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St Mary’s  is open for private prayer on  Tuesday and Saturday   from 11.30am - 12.30pm

St Mary’s is open for public worship on Sunday at 10.30am
please note amended time wef 9th August.

 COVID-19 Local Restrictions  - Greater Manchester area

We are constantly checking on changes and guidance being issued concerning the implementation of local restrictions which include Stockport.  For the time being  all our present arrangements remain in place – but this could change,  so please check this space for any updates.

Face coverings/masks should be worn in places of worship - new guidelines to follow in line with government instructions.

Your safety (and ours) is our top priority. 

The church will look different to allow for social distancing and various areas will be closed off. 

Guidelines as given by the Church of England with regard to the Conduct of Public Worship are being observed with  necessary risk assessments undertaken and actions implemented.

Please note that Stockport Heritage Trust and our cafe will remain closed at all times until further notice.  Restricted access to our toilet facilities. 

St Thomas’ Church, Stockport will remain closed a little longer although plans are being put in place to re-open for Sunday worship as soon as possible.

St Luke’s Church, Brinnington  will open for Sunday worship from the 9th August at 10.30am. The service will be held in the hall so as to allow for social distancing measures to be observed.

Arrangements will be monitored and amended as required.

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Spiritual Communion - join us each Sunday starting at 10am for a short service with the Rector

& Wednesday 10am:  Service of Parish Prayer led by the Rector or one of our lay leaders.

St Mary's 
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St Thomas' Church
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St Luke's
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"All parishes are required to participate in a Past Cases Review, commissioned by the Church of England.

 PCR2, as it is known nationally, is part of the Church's ongoing scrutiny of its handling of past and current safeguarding cases. An Independent Reviewer will be looking at files relating to church officers in this parish, both lay and ordained, past and present. 

"Individuals who wish to make representations to the PCR2 process, or who need to come forward with information or make any disclosures, are encouraged to make direct contact with the Diocesan Safety Adviser. However, recognising that this may not feel safe for those with a lived experience of abuse from within the Church, a dedicated telephone helpline - 0800 80 20 20 - operated independently from the Church, by the NSPCC, has been set up."

The parish of Stockport & Brinnington have  adopted the national Church of England's robust procedures and guidelines. 
You can find out more about the national policies and procedures at
If you have any safeguarding concerns or issues of a safeguarding matter then you can find useful contact information at

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