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Shoe Box Christmas Gifts 2020 

Things will be a little different this year, but we still intend to send as many “Shoe Box” gifts as we can to Teams4U for distribution  to a vulnerable child  or family.

We won’t be holding a special service in November on one specific Sunday but will be asking you to bring your completed boxes (as and when you can) to St Mary’s  during October (please check our up-to-date opening times as these are subject to amendment as we try to re-open our premises for more general use) and leave them in at our drop-off point. We will leave them for 72 hours, in quarantine as it were, then remove them to our storage facility ready for taking to the depot.

Nor this year will we be providing empty shoe boxes, we just ask that if you can’t acquire one yourself that you leave us the contents for a box, label etc.  (in a plastic bag), and we’ll do the rest.

If you are unable to complete a box then as usual we are more than happy to receive items to help us make up a box, and to receive  cash/cheque donations (cheques payable to Teams4U).   

We won’t be leaving paper leaflets in church either this year, but copies are available via Margaret Forester if required. If you have internet access then everything you need to know is available on the Teams4U website: 

What to do: 

Step 1.            

Find an old shoebox (medium size)If you don’t have one at home, you can always pop into a local shoe shop.

Step 2.             Wrap it with Christmas paper
Please wrap the box and lid separately.

Step 3.             Fill it with useful gifts
You can get some inspiration from the list below and watch the Teams4U  Shoebox Guide videos on the T4U “You tube” Channel.

Step 4.             Fill in a donation slip and label
You can download a label  if you have internet access – or just write a note giving us the relevant details

BOY                   GIRL                                       HOME BOX
3-5 years            3-5 years
6-11 years          6-11 years
12+ years           12+ years  

Step 5.  Attach a cheque or some cash
If you can, please include £2.50 in an envelope and attach to the inside of the shoebox lid. If you are eligible for gift aid and can download  the form  please complete and tick the box on the donation slip to increase your donation to £3.12.  - or you can donate online.     

Step 6. Drop off your box
Close the lid with a rubber band.  Please do not tape the lid shut.
Leave your box at St Mary’s (when the church is open) 

What to put in your box Please choose a selection of items from those suggested below – this is not meant to be an exhaustive list (more ideas are available on the T4U website) but please do not include anything from the ‘NO’ list.  

For boys or girls: Toothbrush & toothpaste, hair accessories/brush, soap & face cloth, stationery & paper, gloves, hat & scarf, new socks/underwear. Please also include: A soft toy, game, puzzle, small musical instruments, toy vehicles, small rubber ball/inflatable ball, sweets (use by date from March), a photo of yourself. 

The Home box: Candles, cooking utensils (no knives), plastic containers, t-towels (preferably decorative), hairbrush, small toiletries, plastic utensils, bowls & cups, small Christmas decoration, small decorative item, soap, washing up cloths, clothes pegs, headscarves, new socks/underwear, jewellery, make-up.  

Please DO NOT include: Food (only exception is sweets), medicines, military themed items (such as toy soldiers/tanks/ guns), aerosols or anything highly flammable, sharp items, novels. Please ensure all items are in good condition and undamaged.  All shoeboxes are checked before leaving the UK and any unsuitable items will be removed. Sometimes a shoe box may need to be changed to meet packaging requirements.  
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