Stockport Parish Church     St Mary's in the Marketplace  -  IN THE PARISH OF STOCKPORT AND BRINNINGTON
Apologies ….  But it’s a bit on the cool side at St Mary’s due to major problems with the central heating  boilers.

St Mary’s is fitted with three boilers, one of which was  condemned some years ago.  The other two are newer models, but both have now developed serious problems.

Following discussions with our Architect, Heating Engineers - JE Dean (Hazel Grove)  and the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) it has been agreed that our best course of action will be to replace at least one (preferably two or even three)  of our Keston Boilers in order to restore some constant reliable and safe heating.   

Initial works and the installation of one boiler will be around £10K - increasing to around £15K to include a second.  If we could find funding of around £20K we could then consider replacing the third.  We will of course still need to replace the underfloor pipework in church  at some time in the future but our urgent need is to get as much heating back on as we can, both for our own comfort and to protect the fabric of the building.

In the meantime we will do what we can (although this will  limited) to provide some temporary heating to take off the chill until the problem is resolved.  

If you could assist us in any way financially, donations would be greatly appreciated.            

Thank You

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