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Discussions continue with the Bishop of Stockport, representatives from churches within the Stockport Deanery and others  to look at the overall situation with vacancies now at St Albans, St Thomas', St Peters and ourselves as well as a pending vacancy at St Lukes Brinnington.

We wish the Rev Andy Williams best wishes as he prepares to move to Macclesfield and thank him for his continued support at St Mary's, in particular taking our 10am Tuesday services..

It is anticipated that progress will be made in seeking an appointment at St Mary's  in the very near future, although expected that  there will be some adjustment to Parish boundaries at some stage 



No further news to share with you at the present time - discussions are ongoing with the Bishop of Stockport and others to determine what the future plan for St Mary's will be.


Rev Mike Newman
Part-time secondment to St Mary’s

Joining us on a part-time basis,  for the next six months, we are delighted to welcome to St Mary’s Mike Newman, Associate Minister at St Cuthberts, Cheadle.

Mike  will assist us to ‘move forward’ as well as take on some of the day to day ministry and mission of St Mary’s.  It was a wonderful offer made to the Bishop of Stockport from the Cheadle Deanery, to make available  resources to help us.  An offer we simply couldn’t refuse!

Thank You David
Nearly a year now in an interregnum situation, we say farewell to the Rev David Parker on Easter Sunday 2017 and thank him for coming over from Cheadle Hulme  to take so many of our Sunday Holy Communion services as well as covering Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. 
His dedication to travelling over to Stockport on a Sunday morning – when as we know public transport isn’t at its best – has been most valued.  David kindly gave us plenty of notice of his departure from St Mary’s which was much appreciated in our task to arrange clergy cover.       David will of course continue to support the ministry and will be more than doing his share providing cover at St Michael’s, Bramhall.

Our continued thanks (goes without saying really ) to Rev Andy Williams (St Luke’s Brinnington) to Rev Canon John Briggs  and Rev Ken Kenrick for continuing to support our Tuesday services as well as  taking funerals, baptisms etc. as the need arises.
13th February 2017

 Interregnum Update

We haven't forgotten to update the web-site but have no news to share with you at the present time but hope that plans will emerge from the Diocese shortly.

SMH. 3/1/17


So many times we are asked who will be coming (and when) but it is still early days and a lengthy process before an appointment will be made.

Following discussions with ourselves and the Patron of St Mary's, (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge) the Bishop of Chester has now officially  issued a document "suspending the living".  This does not mean that no one will be appointed to the vacancy, it is just a formality to change the way in which that vacancy will be  filled giving greater flexibility,  now and in the future.  We are required to "publish" that notice, which can be found on the glass panel by the East Doors.

The Churchwardens, in liaison with the PCC, Rural Dean and Archdeacon of Macclesfield are presently preparing the “Parish Profile” (which is basically a statement describing the conditions, needs and traditions of the parish)  and “Fact Sheet” (more in-depth statistical information etc.) . We will be discussing the next step forward with the Bishop of Stockport shortly.

In the meantime we carry on as normal and thank all those members of the Clergy and Lay-Readers who have to date assisted us by conducting our Tuesday & Sunday services.

SMH. 11th June 2016
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