Stockport Parish Church     St Mary's in the Marketplace  -  IN THE PARISH OF STOCKPORT AND BRINNINGTON
Reopening of church buildings for public worship  


St Mary's Private Prayer - Tuesday and Saturday 11.30am - 12,30pm.  
Please note shorter hours of opening.

St Luke's, Brinnington - will open for Sunday worship from the 9th August - 10.30am

St Thomas' Church will open for Sunday worship from the 16th August - 9.30am

If you are returning to church for the first time since lockdown -  either for private prayer or for public worship it  will be a little different.

You are asked to enter using the West door (unless you need to use the disabled entrance) where you will be met by our duty Stewards.  You will be requested to sanitise your hands with the hand sanitiser provided.

Our rows of chairs have been re-spaced to allow 2 meters between rows.
You will be directed/escorted to an appropriate seat  (or block of seats) allowing for social distancing between   Individuals -  household groups  -  “bubble groups”.

You may be asked to give contact details for “Track and Trace” purposes – your information being kept for 21 days in case required  (Data Protection rules apply).

Services will be said – no singing is allowed at this time.  There will be no printed material or bibles left out.  Everything  you need to participate in the service will be on screen.  

After the service finishes you are asked to leave the building by the south door – our Stewards will  ensure that social distancing remains in place.  Once again hand sanitiser will be available for your to use.

You are also asked to remain socially distanced whilst on church grounds  and to comply with government guidelines.

For your information, there will be no collection taken  during the service, however if you have your “planned giving” envelopes with you (or wish to make a donation) then a container will be available to deposit these – items will then be bagged and quarantined   Transfer to paying directly to the bank is encouraged if at all possible.

With regard to refreshments: - for reasons that we are unsure there have been messages coming back to us that we are serving drinks in church (and food items).  This is incorrect – the kitchen/café  completely closed at this time.

It’s all very different from when we walked away in March – we have had to complete detailed “Risk Assessments” and comply with various guidelines issued by the government and the Church of England.

All measures taken will be reviewed regularly and changes made as and when necessary or restrictions are further lifted.

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