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A letter from Margaret


At the end of the long Lockdown Teams4U told us they were able to continue sending shoe boxes to Eastern Europe this year.  Due to the Covid restrictions leaflets could not be displayed in church so the Sunday congregation were informed and I contacted various friends who usually prepare boxes or fillers.  Many had already collected lots of items or had knitted more scarves, hats or teddies during lockdown.

Compass Point where the boxes usually are collected from could not open and be used safely and the boxes had to be ‘quarantined’ each time they were transferred.  As friends usually bring their boxes to my home first, the Teams4U co-ordinator for this area agreed with the Covid restrictions to collect the boxes there.

Boxes filled with gifts for children and family homes, knitted items and donations brought to St Mary’s were blessed by Jess.  After ‘quarantining’ the 23 boxes I took them home and later on a wet day 111 boxes and 10 bags of hats, scarves and other items were collected by the Teams4U representative and taken to the collection point in Heywood.  As soon as the lockdown in Wales ended the van transferred them to their processing centre near Wrexham.

This was an ecumenical effort, as well as St Mary’s the boxes and gifts came from friends at Heaton Moor United church and St Paul’s Heaton Moor, Aspinall Methodist, St Nicolas Burnage and St Werburgh’s Chorlton.

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s T4U appeal.

128 boxes were also collected from Davenport Methodist and St George’s.  I have since sent 21 more boxes so the total from Stockport was 260 boxes which is excellent in these difficult times.  The boxes are now on their journey to Romania, Bosnia and Belarus and I have since heard well over 1800 are now at Wrexham from Greater Manchester and there are still more to go there!

Margaret Forster

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