Stockport Parish Church     St Mary's in the Marketplace -  with St Andrew's

Parish of  ______Stockport St Mary _______________________________________
Deanery of   _____Stockport ____________________________________________
At the Annual Meeting of Parishioners and Annual Parochial Church Meeting of  the above parish held on (date) ____17thApril 2018
The following were elected as Churchwardens:
Name  __Adam John Pinder__________________
Name  _Susan Margaret Heap_________________
The following was elected to the Parochial Church Council:                        

Name  __David Birch___________________
There were no Deanery Synod Elections during 2018
Membership of the PCC for St Mary’s 2018/19
David Birch (elected 2018)
Patricia  Birch (elected 2016)
Frank Hamnett (Churchwarden Emeritus)
Sue Heap (Churchwarden)
Tony Marsh (elected 2016)
Adam Pinder (Churchwarden/Synod Representative)
Catriona Smith (elected 2017)   PCC Secretary subject to confirmation 
Rita Waters (Reader/Synod Representative)
Co-opted Members:  subject to confirmation by the PCC:
Electoral Roll Officer:  Margaret Forster  

Safeguarding Co-ordinator – Carol Taylor

Projects/Appeal Treasurer -  Isobel Clarkson
NB: Role of PCC Treasurer undertaken by the Churchwardens
Projects  Director: Canon John Briggs
By invitation:
Representative(s)  from  Zeal Church
Sidespersons for 2018:
David Andrews, Sheila Andrews. Barbara Ashton, David Birch, Pat Birch,  Isobel Clarkson, Margaret Forster, Frank Hamnett, Roger Hulme,  Sue Heap, Yvonne Ingham,  Adam Pinder, Margaret Shuttleworth, Catriona Smith, Carol Taylor and Ann West, 


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