Stockport Parish Church     St Mary's in the Marketplace  -  IN THE PARISH OF STOCKPORT AND BRINNINGTON

Meeting of Parishioners 
& Annual Parochial Church  Meeting      2021

Jayne Brindley - St Thomas
Susan Heap - St Mary
Paul Heard - St Luke
Anne Jepson - St Thomas
James Kitchen - St Luke
Vacancy - St Mary's

NEW PCC Elected  members for 3 years from 2021:
Margaret Forster
Janet Langton

Deanery Synod Membership - Elected 2020 (for 3 years) from December 2020
No election 2021
Linda Mather
Kevin Morgan
Adam Pinder 

PCC appointments: 

PCC Vice Chair - Peter Nelson
PCC Treasurer - John Brearley
PCC Secretary - Sue Heap
PCC Electoral Roll Officer - Eric Tomlinson
PCC Safeguarding Co-ordinator - Brenda Baxendale
Environmental Officer - Pat Hamilton

List of Sidespersons 

Hamid Amiri 
David Andrews
Sheila Andrews
Barbara Ashton
David Birch
Brian Broderick
Isobel Clarkson
Margaret Forster
Bill Frith
Sue Heap
Sarah Mason
Kevin Morgan
Peter Nelson
Adam Pinder
Margaret Shuttleworth
Catriona Smith
Anne Stewardson 
Carol Taylor
Ann West

Full PCC membership details are:
Brenda Baxendale (R)         Safeguarding Co-ordinator)
John Brearley (E)                Treasurer
Jayne Brindley (CW)      
Lynne Cullens       (Rector)
Marilyn Donohoe (E)
Marie Flint   (Curate)
Margaret Forster (E)     
Jennifer Goulden (E)
Patricia Hamilton (Co)         Environmental Officer
Sue Heap (CW)                    Secretary
Paul Heard (CW)
Anne Jepson (CW)
James Kitchen (CW)
Janet Langton (E)
Harry Long  (E)
Tony Marsh (E)
Linda Mather (DS)
Kevin Morgan [E/DS)
Peter Nelson( Co)                 Vice Chair
Adam Pinder (DS)
Jess Piper (Associate Minister)
Jane Scott (E)
Catriona Smith (E)
R = Reader
CW = Churchwarden
E = Elected
Co- = Co-opted— for a period of 1 year
Joining meetings are Ordinands: Jane Crooks &
Geoff Reyner

Annual Report and Financial Statements 

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